Gypped By An Online Sales Promo

false-advertisingIt’s Christmas shopping season and I had the chance to do mine with a small part of the meager amount of adjustment in my SSS pension. My entry-level smartphone courtesy of my postpaid plan provider is due for replacement because I dropped it once causing intermittent connection on its touch function. I decided to look for the replacement at LAZADA Online Shopping where I was a customer since 2013 without any issue on my purchases.

I looked for an entry-level Android smartphone from among the many brands on promo and I chose SKK Mobile Aura Engage (see image above) because of its specifications and affordable price. Aside from its nice look and 5.5 inch screen, I was particularly attracted by its 1GB RAM. I immediately placed an order last December 6 and I received the unit last December 9, 2016. I paid my purchase with cash on delivery and immediately opened the box, set-up the unit and used it.

Being used to an old smartphone, I was satisfied with my new unit until a son borrowed it last December 19 to send a text message. He noticed that the unit was slow for one with 1GB RAM. He entered the Settings > Apps > Running Apps and found that my SKK Aura Engage only have 512MB RAM (not 1GB as advertised), a case of false advertising which is a reason I can use to return it.

I immediately go online and checked how to return it to Lazada only to find that I can no longer initiate the return using the online facility because the 7-day period allowed for returns and refunds already expired. On cases like this, Lazada’s advice as posted in its website is for the buyer to contact the supplier of the purchased item.

I contacted SKK Mobile and reached their man in-charge of coordinating with Lazada. I told him that I want to return the unit to them but I will not request for refund. I will use the amount I paid to buy a unit for them with higher RAM and pay additional amount for the price difference. He said he will seek approval of his boss and will call me afterwards. He did call back to inform me that my request was disapproved and that my only option is to return the unit to Lazada and ask for refund.

Knowing that I can no longer initiate the return by myself, I called Lazada Helpdesk and after talking with someone, I was promised that she will facilitate the issuance of a Return Number (Authorization Code) for my order. She told me that I will get it in my email in 24 to 48 hours. Forty-eight (48) hours already passed and I did not receive any email from Lazada.

My above experience showed how tedious it is to seek redress from suppliers of falsely advertised goods in our country. I do not know yet if I will succeed in returning the smartphone unit I bought nor will I know if I can get a refund for it. By the way, last time I checked Lazada, SKK Mobille is still advertised in the site as having 1GB RAM. My advice is shy away from the brand. I believe there are many of us who are already victims of the false advertisements by SKK Mobile.

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