Passing The LTO Written Exam

Last Monday, I was again at LTO-Calamba to be with our second son in converting his Student Permit to Non-Professional Driver’s License which he successfully did on his own. The proceedings were exactly the same as what I had in my post before this when it was our daughter-in-law’s turn to get her first driver’s license. I was there at the LTO-Calamba grounds from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM and was able to confirm the high number of non-passers in the written examinations given to applicants for conversion of their student permits to drivers’ licenses.

Passing the LTO written examination is a must before applicants get to the practical driving test, the last stage they have to hurdle in securing a driver’s license. A student permit holder who wants to convert it to non-professional driver’s license has to get 30 correct answers on the 40 questions to be given to him while an applicant for professional driver’s license has to pass the written examination with 50 correct answers out of the 60 questions to be given to him.

In both occasions that I was at LTO-Calamba, it was my observation that there was high number of non-passers (more than 50%) in the written examinations. I based it on the number of applicants being called in the public address system to take the written exam versus the number of passers taking the practical driving test. I was able to talk to some non-passers who were issued their official score in the written examination and they are one in admitting that they did not prepare for the examination because they believe that the review session to be given before they take it will suffice. They were wrong and for not passing they will have to take the examination again after 30 days.

I have not told you that to prepare for the LTO written examination, our son and our daughter-in-law took their review online for free before taking it. There are many available online review sites where one can practice by answering 100 questions from which the actual 40 or 60 LTO test questions will be taken. There are also sites where the 100 questions with answers can be printed to help the applicant in the preparation for the examination.

I find answering the 100 questions in order to know your score in the examination too tedious especially when you have to repeat taking it until you get consistent passing grade. Because of this, I made my own online review site where only 40 questions will have to be answered before you know your score. Also, the questions and your answers will be shown with your score. The other online review sites will show your score but will not tell what questions you answered incorrectly.

You can practice for the LTO written examination by clicking the image on this post or by going to and entering 2118 for ID of exam and ltoexam! for Exam password in the “take an exam” box. Again, I have to say that you don’t need a fixer to get a driver’s license. You can do it on your own!

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