No Noche Buena On Christmas Eve


My wife attended the Misa de Aguinaldo with our Kasambahay because i am having a minor gout attack in my left foot. On their way home at around 10:30 PM, she was hit and run by a tricycle . She managed to get home riding another tricycle but she could no longer walk by herself.

Our second son rushed her to the hospital while I reported the incident to the Barangay Tanod Office who immediately sent someone to the tricycle terminal to look for the driver of the tricycle bearing the Body Number that my wife was able to take note.

The Barangay Tanod did not find the driver and the tricycle but a TODA Officer promised that he will order the driver and his operator to go to the Barangay Tanod Office as soon as he sees them. I have to wait for them at the station while our son was attending to her mother in the hospital.

The tricycle driver and his operator arrived at the Barangay Tanod Office at almost midnight and the investigation by a Barangay Tanod Officer began. The driver is claiming no fault in the accident so I sensed that settlement of the case is impossible at Barangay Tanod level. I decided to bring up the investigation process with the Police Traffic Division because they won’t agree to come out with cash to defray the expenses for my wife’s hospitalization.

The police interrogation was in-process when I asked that the operator and I be allowed to see my wife in the hospital which is near the Traffic Division Office. Thanks God that my wife’s leg did not have a fracture but only bruises and swelling. The tricycle operator begged that I not pursue the police investigation with the promise that they will pay all the expenses that we will incur in the treatment of my wife.

In the Spirit of Christmas and after knowing that my wife’s injury was not serious, I accede to the operator’s request. We went back to the Traffic Division office and I waive the investigation pending compliance by the operator on his promise. We were back home at around 2:00 AM hence we had no Noche Buena on Christmas Eve this 2016.

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