My On-Off Relationship With Pag-IBIG Fund

Yesterday, I went to file my Pag-IBIG Provident Benefits Claim as a retired member of Home Mutual Development Fund (HDMF). I was able to file my claim after getting hold of an SSS certification as a recent beneficiary of its pension plan in lieu of the SSS Retirement Voucher which I made mention in a previous blog about my SSS retirement benefit. I wish to acknowledge the help of an FB friend who helped me secure the SSS certification that I really need to be able to file my claim with Pag-IBIG.

The process I underwent in filing the claim for my Pag-IBIG Provident Benefits brings back the memories of my on-off relationship with HDMF. First, it was because the Pag-IBIG Branch Office i went to was exactly the same place where I hold office in the last company that contributed to my HDMF contributions in 1997. The company was also my employer when I filed for a Pag-IBIG housing loan that did not push through.

The Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), more popularly known as the Pag- IBIG Fund, was established on 11 June 1978 by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1530 as an answer to the need for a national savings program and an affordable shelter financing for the Filipino worker. I became a member of HDMF in August 1981 and had continuous contributions to the fund until October 1983. Based on Pag-IBIG Fund’s records, one of the companies where I got employed remitted contributions for me from September 1984 to July 1985.

In January 1987, the contribution to Pag-IBIG Fund was made voluntary so this could be the reason why I did not have anymore remittances on record except from last employer who paid the dues from February 1997 to June 1997 at which time the contributions to the fund again mandatory in compliance with the law implemented in January 1995. All the while, I was never unemployed until 1997 but I have no way of knowing whether my other employers remitted Pag-IBIG Fund contributions that did not get recorded.

As I said above, I filed my claim for Pag-IBIG Provident Benefits yesterday and was told to make a follow-up if the check payment will be available after three (3) weeks. I was a bit surprised for the short period they promised to process and pay for my claim knowing that it took seven (7) months for me to receive the first tranche of my SSS pension. I wonder why a government agency can be much more efficient than another agency engaged in very similar operational procedures. Just asking.

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