My New Inexpensive Gadget

I had an article about my plan to buy an Android tablet for myself when I get to receive my SSS retirement benefit. I received the first payment of my SSS pension in the form of an 18-month lump sum amount and this gave me the chance to fulfill my wish to have an inexpensive gadget that I can use to surf the net in mobile mode.

At first, I wanted to buy my Android table online but it became out-of-stock when I was about to place my order. As such, I have to rush to the nearest mall last July 12, 2013 to buy it from an authorized outlet. I would have preferred to buy my Android tablet online because that would give me the chance to use a PhP300 discount voucher that an online shopping outlet gave me when I wrote an article about them.

By the way, the generic PhP300 discount voucher code LZDbrDgr that Lazada gave me has no expiry date and anyone of us can use it as long as the online purchase is worth a minimum PhP3,000. You may click the advertisements in the sidebars to go and look at what you want to buy.

The 7-inch Android tablet that I bought for myself is really an inexpensive one but it is not lacking with the features that I need for my online activities. It is only Wi-Fi capable (no 3G connection) but I can still use it places where there is no Wi-Fi signal by using my also inexpensive smartphone set in tethering mode. Battery life is quite good because it has 4,000 mAH capacity. It’s almost one week now since I bought my new inexpensive gadget and I have no complaint so far.

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