Installing Mobile Version For My WordPress Blog

Nowadays, more and more netizens use mobile devices to surf the world wide web especially when they visit and participate on the discussions in the social media. As bloggers, it is now a must that we promote our blogs in Facebook, Twitter and the like. We usually post the links to our latest article for our friends to click them so it is just proper that they get to see mobile versions instead of the usual desktop versions on which we created our blogs.

I have no problem with UNLEASHED: My Take On The News, I-Café Pilipinas and I-Café Techniques because they are hosted by Google’s Blogspot and already have mobile versions powered by Blogger. It is this blog that uses an old WordPress (WP) platform that took a while before I could install a mobile version. There are many mobile plugins available in but most of them require WP version 3.1 and above. If the mobile plugin specifications says it is compatible with lower versions, they won’t do on my old Mimbo news theme.

After testing all free mobile plugins whose specifications say that they compatible with WP versions older than 3.0 and found that none works with my blog’s theme, I did not give up easily. I continue to search for a free plugin and any other add-on that could automatically render a mobile version of this blog when browsed in iOS and Android devices until I came across WordPress Mobile Edition. The plugin requires the installation of Carrington Mobile Theme for it to function.

Being a non-techie, I had to ask a son to upload the Carrington Mobile Theme to my blog’s theme directory. I did the uploading of the WordPress Mobile Edition to my plugin directory and activate it afterwards. I checked if the installation was successful using my Android phone and took a photo of how my previous blog article looks like (see image). I hope that you will now enjoy browsing my blog using your mobile gadgets.

UPDATES (08/27/2014) – Due to my hosting platform’s update, I had to finally the use of Mimbo 3.0 theme due to its many incompatibilities with WordPress Version 3.9.2. I am now using the free Origin Responsive Theme that does not require a separate mobile browser.

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