Planning To Buy An Android Tablet

While I am happy with my Hackintosh laptop for my computing needs and a dual-SIM 3.2″ Android smartphone for voice calls and texting, I cannot help myself from longing for a tablet computer which had been around for quite sometime now. As a tech-literate guy, I am aware of how tablet computer had evolved from being a gadget for the elite because of its price when it first came out to being somewhat affordable with decent specifications at that. Nowadays, you would often see people using tablets for checking and answering their emails, reading news online and doing their social media activities.

If given the choice of what kind of tablet would I prefer for my use, I would easily go for an Android over iOS and Windows-based units mainly because of its wide range of specifications and affordable prices for some middle and lower-end models. A check on Tablets category page of an online shopping site will bear me out on what I said about Android tablets. You just have to make up your mind on what kind of Android tablet you need and the amount you can afford to buy it and I am sure you can find one that fits your specifications and budget.

Regarding the Android tablet that I plan to buy for my use, I just want a 7″-screen size, preferably with 1-GHz quad-core processor and Version 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware. I can settle for a unit with 1280 x 800 screen resolution, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage with provision for expansion. For internet connectivity, Wi-Fi only will suffice for me. I will just have to tether it with my Android smartphone if I need a connection in a place where Wi-Fi is not available.

Where will I get my Android tablet when I am ready with the money to pay for it? I will definitely not go around shopping malls to look for the unit I want. It will be tiring and confusing. I had checked about the feedback on delivery performance of online shops and found Lazada to be quite satisfactory. I also checked for the unit I described above and found an Android tablet matching my need. Now, before the stock is gone, I have to pray for the first payment of my SSS retirement benefit which has been pending more than five (5) months since January.

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