Earning While Doing Nothing

It’s not much but it helps. I read about passive income when I was new in blogging and I never thought I can experience it myself. By earning while doing nothing, I do not mean interest incomes on bank deposits nor dividends from shares in profitable business ventures because I don’t have any of them. I am referring to passive income from Adsense which I got sometime in mid-2012 and from which I am about to cash-out again next month. Yes, I got to earn even though I was not updating my blogs for almost one year now.

Some bloggers among us may have experienced the same and enjoyed what they had as I do now. Likewise, some may be tempted to ask me how such earnings come though I was not blogging for quite a while. My honest answer is I do not know exactly why I had such earning while doing nothing. I never did “keyword research” nor “search engine optimization (SEO)” in all the previous 500+ articles that I have on this blog (check them in my Archives Page) and yet statistics show that visitors came in the even when it had no update at all. Can it be because of my blog’s contents? I do not know.

The difference between the frequency of my Adsense cash-outs when I was actively blogging every 2 to 3 days to that when I stopped for a year is not much. The earnings when I was not blogging are lesser but the additional 1 to 2 months of waiting for a cash-out really seemed not enough to push me to blog again. However, I know that the search engines will not forever send readers to my archived topics. New articles on my past subjects will be posted and mine will be buried due to old age.

The above reason plus the desire to express myself on some interesting issues are what drive me to blog again. I sincerely hope for your regular visits and your comments on my articles are welcome anytime.

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