While I Was Doing Something Else

Image from Maricopa.eduWeblogs or blogs for short were originally journals of netizens who write and keep online records of their experiences, the occurrences and their observations of things happening around them. While many current bloggers stuck to the original genre for blogs in their works, there are others who blog in support of their advocacies and many more have how-to sites for their online endeavors. If you ask me what kind of posts do I have here, I will say that it’s more of a mix of everything, though nowadays I aim to post more about my past experiences and my observations on matters occurring around us.

I failed to mention in my previous post that it was my first after an almost one-year gap in my blogging activity. The reason for my not being able to blog during such period was neither lack of topics to write about nor the lack of time to do so. I may have simply lost the urge to blog then but now, the passion is back so here I am doing something that I really love to do, blogging again.

So while I was doing something else during the lull in my blogging activity, some past topics I have here had come to conclusions while others had significant developments in them. As such and in as much as I wanted to have this blog as some sort of my online journal, I take this opportunity to record such occurrences including some personal ones that took place while I was not blogging.

Below are some of the things that transpired during the period that I was not posting updates on this blog. The items enumerated below are not chronologically arranged nor are they in their order of importance to me.

  • Guilty verdict – This is the result of the Senate impeachment trial that caused the removal of Chief Justice Renato Corona from the highest position in the judicial branch of our government. He was the first impeachable official of the Philippines to suffer the fate.
  • Lower Cellphone Rates – The case of per-pulse billing of voice calls made by Filipino cellphone subscribers remains pending in courts while the cost of a regular text message is still at PhP 1.00 despite the NTC-mandated reduction of PhP 00.20 on inter-network access fee for SMS service by cellular phone companies.
  • Anti-Cybercrime Law – I failed to blog about this subject because the issues of unconstitutionality of some of its provisions cropped up during my period of inactivity. According to expert domestic violence lawyers for hire, the implementation of the law is on-hold due to indefinite TRO issued by the Supreme Court.
  • Zamboanga City – I was there on family duty for the big majority (9 months) of the time I was not blogging. The city is a lot different from what I heard before going there. The people are nice and the place is more peaceful than many places in Metro-Manila.
  • Senior Citizenship – This is an important personal event for me. I became a dual citizen after my last birthday. I am now both a Filipino and a Senior Citizen which will entitle me to some privileges under our laws.

I know I missed mentioning some momentous occurrences during the time that I was doing something else instead of blogging. I should have blogged regularly as I used to but I don’t regret not having done so.

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