While I Was Not Blogging

I failed to make a single post in all my blogs since February 16, 2012 because I had to make adjustments in my personal circumstances. During the lull in my blogging, I was not totally offline and did have time to check online news and visit my favorite sites. I occasionally checked this blog’s traffic which did not suffer that much despite its not getting updated for three (3) weeks. To those who regularly visit this blog for updates, I owe you an apology for failing your expectations to find new posts in the past days.

Today, I will begin blogging again and will do my best to perform the chore like I used to. Let me start by posting what happened while I was not blogging. By this, I mean updating the various ongoing topics I have here. I know most of you already know what happened to many of them but for my own records, I wish to post my updates on them. Feel free to point out anything that I may have missed during the lull in my blogging activity.

While I was not blogging, the CJ Corona impeachment trial went on for seven (7) more days before the current break when the prosecution team made their formal offer of evidence while the defense counsel submits their opposition to them if they so wish. The trial by the Senate impeachment court will resume on Monday, March 12, 2012 when the defense team will begin the presentation of their evidence to prove CJ Corona’s innocence on the charges presented by the prosecution.

The Supreme Court (SC) had three (3) regular en banc sessions in the period that I was not blogging and it did not issue any decision on the urgent petition of the defense lawyers to stop the impeachment trial. However, it was made known during the impeachment trial that SC promulgated internal rule that prevent their personnel from testifying in the impeachment court. The SC internal rule somewhat affected the prosecution because they have requests to subpoena some justices and lower court personnel.

Also, while I was not blogging, the prosecution team had decided not to pursue their presentation of evidence on Impeachment Articles 1, 4, 5, 6 and 8. As such, their objective to unseat CJ Corona will now depend on the evidence they presented for Articles 2, 3 1nd 7 and how the defense team will disprove them. With the prosecution’s move, can we hope for a decision before the Holy Week recess? I personally believe that an early decision will be good for all of us.

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