Online Forum For Pinoy Bloggers

In the last month of 2011, I spent quite a time participating in the online discussions and activities of Filipino bloggers using Facebook (FB) groups. I did find participating in such groups very useful in gaining blog visits, pageviews and comments by some serious participants in such social media groups. In there, a member could also increase his FB ‘likes’, Google +1s, tweets and the like for as long as he reciprocates the efforts of group members.

Basically, I do not find anything wrong with the traffic exchange activities going on in such FB groups. The traffic I am getting from them are recorded as coming from in my Google Analytics and being a social media (not a traffic exchange outfit), I do not think that it will cause any harm to my blog. You may have a different opinion about this and I want to hear it by way of a comment to this blog.

Other than the benefit of gaining traffic and engagements for our blogs, I find it annoying to use FB groups if we intend to simultaneously discuss various topics about blogging. You can ask a question and it may get answered but a few moments of inactivity could get the thread buried or visibly lost. This is much unlike discussions in online forum where topics stay visible for as long as it won’t get stale or closed when the questions are answered.

Any group, association, organization, club and the like who needs to be constantly in touch with its members to discuss matters of concern need an online forum. I am familiar in using online forums as well as moderating them and I am confident in saying that bloggers despite diversity of kinds and interests need such kind of facility. We need to have a venue where we can discuss about blog improvement, platform, SEO, building backlinks, advertising, earning online and other matters of help especially for those who are new in the craft.

Having had the experience in participating in various online forums and seeing the need for such a facility, I decided to restructure an old forum for free use by Filipino bloggers. I rename it to “Filipino Bloggers’ Forum” and set-up its categories and boards so that they won’t be in conflict with the traffic exchange activities that social media groups offer. I also retained some topics about blogging so that we can instantly start our discussions. You are welcome to join the forum. Just click the image on this blog to register.

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