Welcoming A New And Better Year

After lighting a few fireworks that I reluctantly purchased at the last hour of the outgoing year, I spent the first few minutes of 2012 taking pictures of the scene in my neighborhood using a 2-megapixel no-flash camera in my cellphone. I only saw the results of the shoots I made this evening when I opened my Google+ account to which my phone is set to upload the photos once it gets online through a WiFi connection. The photos though not impressive inspired me to write this blog.

I was decided to forgo posting a blog today because I have not yet received the reply to an important proposal I made a few days ago. I can’t disclose the details of what the proposal is all about but had I receive positive reply to it, I was prepared to have it as the subject of my blog today. Anyway, the only thing I can say about it at the moment is that I am offering a free service that could help new bloggers in some way.

Today is the first day of the 60th year in my life. In eleven months and ten days, I will be entitled to 20% discount on foods, transport fare, health care and a few more that Filipino senior citizens enjoy. Life has been good for me ever since I can remember. I always welcome challenges, face them squarely and do my best to overcome them. 2012 will not be different, I will strive to make it better than the previous ones I had and I welcome anything that this new year will bring to my life.

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