Joining Online Blog Contest

If you are a blogger, aside from earning as an ad publisher that I had written about, joining online contests sponsored by bloggers for bloggers is another way to augment your income from your blogging activity. Online bloggers’ contest is always a win-win situation for both the sponsors and the participants. The blog owner holding the contest sets the rules of the game and subscribing to his RSS feed, posting articles with juicy backlinks to his blog, and joining his Facebook page are just some of the usual requirements to qualify for the contest. For the participants, winning the pot is it and having a topic to post about is the consolation prize.

Honestly, in the more than two (2) years that I blog, I had never joined a blog contest of any sort. It is not because I am afraid to lose but more of my being unwilling to obey with some contest rules which I find to be excessive to some extent. I am joining an online blog contest for the first time because I find the rules in joining “National I Can’t Come Up With A Blog Post Day!!” blog contest fair enough for its US$100 jackpot prize.

I quote the contest rules below. Read and decide for yourself if the rules are fair enough for the prize of the contest. I am not urging you to join but you can find the contest details at the link above.

1. Rub your stomach while patting your head and jumping up and down on one foot NAKED!!

2. Sign Up for my RSS

3. Tweet, Stumble, Shout from the Rooftops This!

4. Mention this post on your blog.

Let me end this blog post by wishing luck for myself to win the jackpot. It’s very seldom that we come across a contest like this. I hope The Ad Master finds more silly reasons to have a similar contest every month.

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