Blogging About Blogging Again

You might have noticed that I had been posting articles about blogging lately. Such postings are against the advice of some bloggers for me to stick to topics related to i-café business whose stakeholders are my target audience when I begun blogging two and a half (2-1/2) years ago. Until about six (6) months ago, this blog has “Owning An I-Café” for its title and except for some articles about blogging where I tried to entice i-café owners to go into blogging as a possible source of additional income, I discussed mainly about i-café business.

I-café owners who are capable of blogging have more than even chance of success because they are always online and have the time to research and write about the topics of their blogs. Aside from the bloggers themselves, i-café owners can be regular readers of blogs that could catch their interest. It is because of these reasons why I have a sub-category on blogging since the beginning. However, as of my last reckoning, there were just very few i-café owners who dared to venture into blogging.

Blogs about blogging abound because bloggers are ready target for readership which every blogger hopes to get. New bloggers are always in need of new knowledge on how to improve their craft so those engaged in this niche have a ready audience. It is just a matter of getting their confidence and you are sure to have repeat visitors to your blog.

I decided to blog again about blogging after having enough experience and knowledge to share about the craft. I am not a technical person so I cannot discuss details about SEO, so if you’d like you can visit the SERPninja blogs and learn all about it.. However, I can share what I know about earning from blogging, blog promotion and advertising and other non-technical matters about blogging.

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