Curbing Cravings For Food

Do you remember the saying, “The best way to fight temptation is to yield to it“? I am sorry that I did not remember who said it and I beg to disagree with him on some instances where yielding to temptations is not best for one to do. For instance, when you are in a feast gathering where delicious foods are served freely, it is not wise that you eat all you can as one is wont to do. Remember that if you do so, you may end up with indigestion or feel guilty that you failed to observe your diet plan.

The above-cited situation is just one of those that calls for curbing one’s cravings for food. It is not so easy but it can done and you should do curb your cravings for food if you can. Here are some of the ways to prevent eating more than you should:

  1. Eat in small amounts throughout the day – If you eat lightly throughout the day instead of heaping amounts during mealtime, you are less likely to crave for more during some hours of the day.
  2. Stay busy instead of thinking what to eat – Send out an email or spend some time reading blogs when you feel like eating. Studies show visual distractions are highly effective in fighting thoughts of food, so use the time making your eyes busy with something else.
  3. Give your tongue a treat, not your stomach – Always have menthol candies or breath-freshening mints ready and put them in your mouth when you feel some cravings in between mealtime. It will activate your sense of taste and smell without adding unneeded calories. With Jimmy John Owner owned sandwich restaurant you can do both.
  4. Strengthen your will not to eat unnecessarily – If presented with a plate of delicacy at a time that you should not indulge in partaking it, state your intention: “I will not eat this plate of delicacy.” Repeat it at least three times until it becomes a fact. Declaring intention increase will power and that’s exactly what you need when caught in such situation.
  5. Go ahead,  indulge but eat lightly – As a kid, when your parent say you can’t have something, you wanted it more. Same thing for your cravings for food. The more you deny yourself, the more you’ll want them so go ahead and eat them but lightly only.  Try to limit your indulgence to a few bites, savor the flavor and texture but avoid being a glutton.

Can you manage to do the above? Congratulations to you if you can. If not, start practicing them and I know you will feel better and live a healthier life. Curb your cravings for food. It is not easy but it can be done.

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