Blogging For Candidates In The Coming Election

campaign_posterBy blogging for candidates in the coming election, I mean going out in the open and posting in your blogs and websites your personal preference for candidates on the different position in the coming May 2010 national election in our country, the Philippines. As early as now, our airwaves are already filled with infomercials (political campaign ads actually) and political blogs and candidate websites are already sprouting even if the official or legal campaign period starts on February 10, 2010 for candidates for national  positions and March 10, 2010 for local candidates. The legality of these occurrences is not what I am going to blog about in this article but rather about my personal opinion on how a blogger must do such campaigning for a candidate.

For those blogging to make a living or earn extra income from it, it is just natural that the coming election is a good opportunity to earn more by blogging for specific candidates. They will do it for a fee and depending on his blog’s popularity the rate may vary from five to six figures for the entire duration of the campaign. The only possible negative repercussion of a blogger’s decision to openly campaign for candidates is if the candidate he endorses will lose the election. The winner may take it against the blogger and make it difficult for the latter to conduct whatever other activities he will engage requiring the approval of the public office won by the former. Other than that, I do not see any reason why a blogger should not grab the opportunity if doing so fits his blog’s category.

If you ask me about my take on the issue, I say it this way. Owning A Café is an advocacy blog for issues affecting the internet café industry in the Philippines so if a candidate for any position has items in his political platform that will be beneficial to the i-café industry, I will definitely go for him with or without payment for the favorable blogs that I will post here. However, the candidate will have to explain to me how he intends to govern the i-café businesses in his area.

The above said, I want to us my fellow bloggers their stand on the issue. Should you or will you support a candidate by blogging for him favorably in the coming election?

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