Protecting Blogs Against Content Theft

WP-CopyProtectLet me change from my usual topics on this article and discuss the subject of protecting blogs from getting copied easily by those who want to have them discussed somewhere else in the web. The procedure is commonly called “copy-paste” and practiced by many forumers who prefer to discuss a blogger’s topic on their favorite forums instead of making comments on the original site of blogs. This is the most common mode of content theft by blog readers, some of them are bloggers themselves. Instead of just putting his own summary or understanding of a blog content and putting a backlink to the source, what they do is select the full text of a blog, right-click, copy then paste the whole content on a page of his favorite forum.

I had been a many-times victim of the above-described practice by some of my readers who are against the advocacy and initiatives that I write about the i-café industry. Instead of posting their comments on this site, some of them copy-paste the whole content of my blogs on their favorite forums then add their tirades against me because of what I wrote. What a cowardly way of getting back at me  though I believe they are in the minority among my readers.

Because of the above-described situation, I looked for a way to prevent my  blogs’ content from getting copy-pasted that easily and I found the WP-CopyProtect plugin. I installed it immediately and you will now notice that you cannot anymore select or mark the texts on my site. Not being able to select them means the content of my blogs can no longer be copy-pasted. While the use of the WP-CopyProtect plugin somewhat deter the wrong deeds of my detractors, I know that some of them knows a way how to do their old ways but it would be more difficult this time.

Aside from disabling text selection, WP-CopyProtect can also disable right-click on one’s blog. These are the two (2) protections that the plugin can perform when properly installed on a website using the WordPress platform. In my case, I only disable the text selection because I know that many users prefer to right-click links and have it opened on a new tab or window. Disabling the right-click function of the mouse in a blog would prevent my readers from doing that choice.

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