Blogging Again With A New Rig

My New Rig
My last blog about working again as a senior citizen was published in November 26, 2014 and although I finished my consultancy job in the end of February of this year, I failed to blog again since that date. So, I was practically doing nothing for five (5) months now and had not updated my blogs for eight (8) straight months. There was really no reason why I stop blogging for such a time except maybe the laziness in me and my curiousness on whether I could still cash-out from Adsense by doing nothing. Luckily, without any update in my blogs, I was able to earn enough to get paid by Google last month or in exactly eight (8) months of not publishing even an article.

Being an on-and-off blogger of more than five (5) years, I know that earning in Adsense requires regular updating of blogs in order to cash-out more often. And being one without regular source of income, I have to blog regularly again in order to earn something that could supplement my need for medications as a senior citizen. Not a tough decision to pursue but just when I want to make a go for it again about three (3) weeks ago, the second-hand Hackintosh machine that I was using for the past four (4) years went kaput. I was left with my low-end 7″-tablet which would make it too difficult for me to do blogging again.

Having no means to buy a new blogging rig, I was left with no choice but to scout for retired and/or defective but repairable computer units set aside by our children. I found defective units of not so old models of a full Lenovo laptop and an MSI Notebook. I can bring them to a repair shop but knowing that replacement parts for such units are hard to come by, I forgo the idea. I read about the availability of second-model of ultra-slim Dell PC with Intel Core 2 Duo processor from Japan for only PhP3,500.00 but I did not pursue buying it because I am afraid it may overheat when used in our warm weather.

I did not give up the idea and hope of finding a retired and/or defective but repairable desktop or laptop for my personal computing and blogging use and was lucky to get one from our only daughter-in-law who had just bought a new laptop. She gave me her pre-owned Dell XPS M1330 Laptop with the information that its keyboard is no longer functioning properly and that the power adapter has defect. I immediately set-up the unit for testing and searched for its specifications online. The unit has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor at 2.5GHz Speed, 250Gb Hard Disk with only 75Gb unused, 4Gb RAM and Windows 7 Ultimate Version installed in it.

The image above shows what I added to make the unit work. I bought a 101-keys cheap keyboard at PhP150.00, an optical mouse costing PhP65.00 and a 4-Port USB Hub at PhP75.00 because the laptop has only two (2) USB ports. Spending a total of PhP290.00 for my new rig was well worth it. Now, I can do my social media activities with ease and blog regularly again. I hope that my new blogging rig would last till a Samaritan gives me a Hybrid Laptop-Tablet unit.

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