Working Again As Senior Citizen

After more than seventeen (17) years of not reporting in an office as an employee, I am now back to a 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM work schedule albeit during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. Beginning this month, I am hired as a Management Consultant of a medium-sized metal fabrication company whose processes and products are quite familiar to me by virtue of my college education and previous work experiences. My engagement as a consultant is aimed to improve plant productivity and create systems and procedures that would facilitate smooth communications within the company. The job is not necessarily easy but pressure is not that much because it is a staff function without much decision-making responsibilities.

I was gainfully employed since I graduated from college in 1974 until May 1997 when I retired at age 45. My work for twenty-three (23) years in 13 different companies gave me an exposure to different management styles which would have been valuable if I continue to be employed in a key position in any company. But my luck turned out to be different. I was in the prime of my life, healthy and willing to give my best but the opportunity to get employed did not come my way. I am already decided to spend the rest of my life doing small things with little earnings. I can get away with a very simple lifestyle especially because our children are all grown-up and earning.

Life goes on simply for me until late last month when a former co-employee called-up and asked if I am willing to accept a consultancy job to which I replied in the affirmative after the work the scope of work was described to me. An appointment for an interview was hurriedly set and over lunch I agreed on the terms of engagement with the owner of the company. Since then, my daily routine changed and I am now a working senior citizen. At age 62, I feel that my life as an employee has just begun. I pray that I could perform the task and achieve the objective in the earliest time possible.

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