Upgrading To Latest WordPress Version

Image Credit to: CODEILO.com

Image Credit to: CODEILO.com

I had this blog running on WordPress Version 2.9.1 since January 2009 using the free Mimbo 3.0 theme. WordPress (WP) upgraded its blog hosting platform many times in the past 5 years but I stick to WP 2.9.1 because I am worried that my preferred Mimbo theme would break if I will click the upgrade button. My blog’s theme did not get any update since the time we installed it. My son was the one who did some tweaks or modifications to it like the widgets in its footer, the ads in the header and left sidebar.

I also opted not to change theme just to be able to use the new versions of WordPress. We know that some security issues may ensue when we do not upgrade but we took the risks on Mimbo 3.0 because I just love using it. Having a mobile version when browsing my blog on a smartphone or tablet did not pose a problem because the old Carrington Mobile plugin did well for the purpose. You would see what I mean if you browse my blog using mobile gadgets.

However, with the coming of nice-looking responsive type of themes and my blog’s WordPress version being outdated, I asked my son to work out an update without changing its theme at the outset. I will only opt to use a new theme if Mimbo 3.0 breaks when my WP platform is updated to the current 3.9.1 version. I test drive the free Origin Responsive Theme at Red Hat’s OpenShift cloud servers and was impressed by what I got. You can take a peek at how my blog will look like if I use the Origin theme on this link.

The result of the upgrading my hosting platform to WP 3.9.1 was not so bad. Mimbo 3.0 did not break but it lost some functionalities. The most important feature that the theme lost was the thumbnail generation in its homepage. All of my new posts would not have thumbnails although their images still show in their pages. Because of the issue, I have to resort to having a sticky post using an old article for my featured blog or headline. Normally, my latest post would be the one to show in it but until after we find a solution to the issue, you have to bear having an old post in my headline.

UPDATE No. 1 (July 31. 2014) – The issue on thumbnails not showing in my homepage is now resolved. Thanks a lot to Markus Kreusch of Wald-Prinz.de who offers his help for free to Mimbo 3.0 users who also have the same problem.

UPDATE NO. 2 (August 27, 2014) – I finally decided to stop using Mimbo3.0 theme when we cannot find a solution to restore the pagination links in the homepage. The Pagebar 2 plugin which I used since the start stopped working when we upgraded my blogs hosting platform to WordPress 3.9.2, the latest version as of this writing.

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