Blog Traffic From Social Media

I mentioned in a previous blog that the No. 2 source of referral traffic to this blog is Facebook. In the past 30 days, 345 of the 3,506 visitors recorded in my Google Analytics came out of my active blog promotion activity in Facebook. Aside from posting the link to my recent article in my personal wall, I also do it at the stream of Filipino Bloggers Worldwide where I became a member more than a month ago. As I already said, I had to find sources of traffic that could replace the ones I lost when I stopped using blog advertising networks to promote this site.

My 345 visitors from Facebook opened 3.78 pages and stayed for 3 minutes, 31 seconds per visit. Seventy-two (72%) of them were new visitors to my blog and only 10.15% (bounce rate) left without opening another page. Although 345 is much less than the 1,500 visitors I was getting from blog ad networks before, their quality of traffic is preferably better than the 2.54 pages/visit, 33-second stay, 35.39% new visits that I had for the past 30 days from the 373 EntreCard members.

The figures above show that joining bloggers’ groups in social media and buying tiktok likes on Social Boosting could produce some traffic to a member’s blog. However, it must be noted that the traffic would only come if a blogger is himself active in the activity of the groups he will join. The amount of traffic that a blog would get will depend on how active its owner will be in participating in the activities of the group.

Most, if not all, of the bloggers’ groups in Facebook has a so-called ‘comment exchange’ thread where a blogger is enjoined to post the link to his latest blog post if it belongs to ‘category for the day’. Once you post your blog’s link in the thread, you are obliged to visit and post a comment on each and every link of the participants in the comment exchange. As in any endeavor involving people of diverse culture, expect some of the participants not following the rules. When it comes to promotion on instagram, you can buy instant instagram followers.

Is the traffic from social media good for a blog? Some may say it is because it is not a paid traffic that search engines and advertisers do not like. For me, blog traffic from social media is alright at the start because visits are registered as new. Later on, the visits will register as return traffic and would not count for those blogs with advertisements being paid according to impressions shown. Honestly, visits from social media cannot compare with organic traffic from search engines where 90% and up are always new.

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