Paying More Than You Expected

When you need a product or service, it is normal that you seek an idea of how much it will cost you before you go out and look for it. Many times, you would be asking someone in the know where to get the product or service and how much it would cost you. Trusting that you already have enough information to be able to decide intelligently, you go out and buy what you need but how many times did you feel cheated because you paid more than what you expected?

This was what happened recently with someone who sought my advice on where to get a reasonably-priced pair of eyeglasses. He wanted to have his vision checked electronically to determine if his old eyeglasses need replacement and if so, he need get it fast because he does not have the time to wait for a day or two which was how he used to get his eyeglasses in the past.

Our family of six, except for one, all wear eyeglasses so we are confident that we knew about the best optical clinic where one could get his vision checked reliably and have the right eyeglasses in an hour or two. Aside from our experience in the past, I was also swayed by advertisements that says the said optical clinic has an ongoing sales promo so one could get a good discount for the lenses and frames that anyone would buy from them.

Confident that he could get a good deal with the much-advertised optical clinic, I even accompanied him to the big mall where it is located. There were many customers when we arrived at the clinic and there was even a hanging vinyl banners in the entrance announcing their ongoing sale. After the electronic check-up of the eyes, the person I accompanied was made to choose the frame he wants for his eyeglasses.

To his surprise, the price that the saleslady told him was twice more expensive than what he expected. However, in view of the time constraint and the typical Filipino culture of ‘hiya’ (shame) if he backs out of the deal, he had it consummated even if he knew that he paid more than what he should. Had you been to a similar situation where you knowingly paid more than you expected?

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