Fixing My Blog’s Identity

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I changed this blog’s title sometime in January of this year to broaden the topics that I could discuss and since then I had blogged about issues not related to i-café business. Intentionally, I retained the logo, categories and pages of my old blog and even had “Formerly Owning An I-Café” tagline so that my regular visitors (currently 25% of total) would not think that this is an entirely new blog.

After almost a year since changing its title to EdZee’s Net Logs, I feel it’s now time to fix my blog’s identity from being a business blog to one under personal-mixed bag category. This move was hastened by a recent review made by Mr. Ben Barden of Floor 15, a blog ratings community where I am a member. It is also a timely in view of my decision to lie low on the advocacy work I am doing for the internet café industry in our country.

Aside from replacing the logo in the header, I removed the I-Café 101 and ICA 101 from the page-navigation bar. Likewise, I edited the About page as suggested in the review. For the main categories on this blog, I created I-Café Business and put all related articles under it. I elevated Blogging into main category from being just a sub-category of Biztools which I deleted. I also added Opinions where I have articles containing my take on the current news about technology and business.

The above-described changes are all I can think of at the moment. I cannot reduce the ad widgets until I find some worthwhile ones. Removing them without replacements is not an option for me because I always go for aligned columns as much as possible. Do you have any suggestions aside from what I have done to fix my blog’s identity?

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