Small HS Class Reunion After 42 Years

Let me go nostalgic again and allow me to post about a personal event which had been on my draft box for a while. I had already posted before that I graduated from a rural high school that already closed its doors some 3 to 5 years ago. The closure came a few years after the founder of the De Los Santos-Urbano Community School (DLS-UCS) died and her nephews took over the management of our dear alma mater. The DLS-UCS alumni, myself included, are so sad with what happened and we are even thinking of ways how to reopen the institution but this is not the subject of this post.

The title of this blog refers to members of DLSCS Class ’69 (there was no “U” yet when we graduated) who had a small class reunion after forty-two (42) long years of not seeing each other. Yes, it took us that long to meet again and you could guess how happy we were last September 11, 2011 when five (5) of us finally met in person.

The affair was unplanned so we were not really able to reach the others Class ’69. The small reunion happened because a ‘balikbayan’ classmate from USA had her mother’s 88th birthday celebrated together with the blessing of their new house.

Even without preparation and with such short notice, I should say that we really enjoyed the reunion. It would have been better if we had more in attendance. Maybe, next time.

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