An Apple Without Jobs

Since the death of Steve Jobs last October 5, 2011, a favorite topic in both the technology and the business world was how will Apple Inc. fare now that he is gone. Apple Inc., the company that Jobs co-founded and led to be the top technology enterprise today, is predicted to stay on top in the near term but its long-term hold of the position is uncertain. This prediction comes naturally after a successful business organization loses the top man who steered it through thick and thin for so long.

Actually, I already had an article sometime in March of this year about what Apple Inc. will be without Steve Jobs. I wrote when the Steve Jobs was still the CEO of Apple Inc. and it was never in my mind that he would be gone so soon. I used him to refer to a natural leader who steered an enterprise towards success and with it, has the prime responsibility to develop a professional management team that will take care of the jobs he will leave if ever the inevitable comes.

Take note that it will have to be a team of professional managers that will have to take over the responsibilities handled solely by the natural leader of an enterprise. It would be best that the natural leader will handover the tasks and supervise the early transition to the new leadership. But as it was, the transition seemed to have happened too suddenly and may have caught some stakeholders of the company by surprise.

It must also be noted that when Steve Jobs left Apple Inc. for the first time, the company did not fared well so they need to have him back to put the tech enterprise to where it is now. This only showed that Apple Inc. had clearly not crossed the “corridor of crisis” at that time so they needed to have its natural leader back to tide them through it. The big question now is whether Apple Inc. had truly crossed the corridor and have the team of professional managers to do what Steve Jobs was doing when he was still around.

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