Watching TV While Surfing The Net

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By surfing the Internet and watching television (TV) simultaneously, I do not mean having a TV card on a desktop computer and watching a show on a small frame on the monitor screen. Neither do I mean sitting infront of a laptop or desktop and glancing once in a while an ongoing television show. I am actually referring to a new report by consumer research firm Nielsen showing that American consumers are getting more connected and that they are increasingly multitasking when it comes to multimedia.

The survey revealed that roughly forty (40%) percent of tablet and smartphone owners in the US used their devices daily while watching TV with checking email as the top activity for both men and women during television programming and commercial breaks. Also, American women were reported to be engaging in social networking more than the men. More often, American men checked sports scores on their smart gadgets while watching TV programs.

Nielsen said, in aid to advertisers, that while viewers split their attention between two or more screens, nineteen (19%) percent of smartphone and tablet owners searched for product information while some thirteen (13%) percent looked for promo deals while the television was on. Details of what the US smartphone and tablet users do while watching TV can be seen by clicking the image on this article.

While the degree of multitasking by Filipinos when it comes to multimedia has not been established or surveyed, I opine that there are also many of us doing what the Americans do. We also surf the net while watching TV, but most probably, majority of us may be visiting social networking sites or watching YouTube videos on the side. We are not the No. 1 social networkers in our region if we will not do that.

Am I correct in what you are doing on your smartphones and tablets while watching your favorite telenovelas (TV soap operas)?

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