Reduced Weight Due To Smoking

I am inclined to believe that smoking cigarettes reduces the body weight of a smoker because my late father and his three brothers were all smokers and they had lean bodies when they were alive. Lately, it was in the news that US scientists have figured out exactly how nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant in the brain, a finding that could one day help in the fight against overweight and obesity.

The report said smokers tend to be thinner than people who don’t smoke and describes how nicotine activates certain neurons in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Those neurons tell the body when it had enough to eat according to the report.

The research is not meant to promote smoking as a way of reducing body weight but rather to study if an experimental drug to treat depression would have any effect on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors which are on the surface of neurons. The research scientists noticed that mice given the drug ate less than those not on the medication and suggested that it is possible the mice get the effect of appetite suppression.

Many people say they will not quit smoking because they will gain weight so they need help to maintain their body weight when they kick the habit but when you head to the Pacific Ridge site you will know immediately that quitting smoking permanently is possible. The study may also help non-smokers who are struggling with obesity. Both ways, the study would help smokers and non-smokers if it would result to a drug that could suppress appetite the way nicotine does.

Lest I be misunderstood that cigarette smoking is a healthy way to reduce weight, let me categorically state that it is not so. The e liquid in e-cigarettes also cause severe lung problems. My father and his brothers died of lung diseases which are directly attributable to their habit of smoking cigarettes when they were alive. Except for a brother, all of us in the family never tried or quit smoking already.

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