Advertising Your Blogs – Part 2

This blog post is intended for bloggers and labeled Part 2 because I already published an article about advertising your blogs in July 28, 2009 when I was barely six (6) months into blogging. The contents of my first article still hold except maybe the earning potential mentioned in the tail end of the write-up. As various models of blog advertising evolve, I find it necessary to post this sort of an update in order to widen the choices of bloggers as well as inform them about their potential to earn as ad publishers of a network.

One blog advertising network that I opted to join three (3) months ago was CMF Ads and I am happy with the decision I made due to following reasons:

  1. Variety of Choices – Unlike other blog advertising network, CMF Ads offers a variety of choices on how you want to advertise your blogs. Network Ads allow you to advertise on a large number of blogs in the network for a very low cost as compared to other blog advertising outfits while Campaign Ads allow you to buy individual ads on any blog you wish. There’s also the Fireworks Ads where your blogs receive unique clicks via a special widget and Spikes Ads that allow you to receive a quick burst of traffic from members of CMF Ads.
  2. Unique Clicks To Advertised Blogs – Available in Fireworks Ads, unique clicks on ad images at special CMF widgets are recorded on site statistic monitors as referral traffic coming the blog’s URL where the ads are published. I find this function which currently can be had only at CMF Ads very advantageous to advertisers because it looks like having a big community endorsing the advertised blog to readers.
  3. Passive And Active Income For Members – As long as a member decides to install widgets and publish CMF ads, he is sure of earning passive income from both Classic and Fireworks ads. If a member wants to earn more, he can actively click the Spikes ads at CMF site and the Fireworks ads published at members’ sites.

The above advantages plus a few more are what you will get when you join and become an active advertiser and publisher at CMF Ads. By the way, I was not paid by CMF to post this article. I just want to share the benefits I am getting as an active CMF member.

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