Playing ‘Angry Birds’ Can Get You Angry

I knew about the popularity of Angry Birds even before my son gifted me with an Android smartphone late last year. The game can be downloaded from Android Market but the free version has Google ads in it. I did not download the free version until four (4) months later when I felt I want to try playing the game. It was actually my gift-giver son who played it first and told me that he reached Level 1-16 after an hour of playing it in the smartphone he agave me. I did not mind what he told me about the game being so easy to play and I did not touch it until much later.

Angry Birds is a casual puzzle game developed by Rovio Mobile for touchscreen smartphones that became a worldwide phenomenon from 2010 onwards. The game was first released for Apple’s iPhone and iPad in December 2009 and since that time, the game developer has reportedly earned about US$42M mainly from purchases of the game in Apple’s App Store.

In the game, a player use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed in various structures. The aim is to destroy all the pigs on the playing field. As a player advances through the game, new birds appear, some  of them with special abilities to help the player destroy the pigs. I had only reached Level 1-13 (without skipping any level) as of this writing so I do not know yet the many variants in the game.

After its phenomenal success in smartphones and tablets, Angry Birds can now be played online and offline on desktop personal computers and laptops. Those who want to try the very popular game can go to and start playing. A word of caution though, playing Angry Birds can get you angry especially when you reach higher levels that could frustrate when you  constantly fail to kill the targets and advance legally to the next level.

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