Changing This Blog’s Banner

I changed this blog’s title from Owning An I-Café to EdZee’s Net Logs last January 17, 2011 or six (6) days after its second anniversary despite my worry about losing its Google’s PageRank 4.  It was actually the second time I changed the title of this blog. The first one was hardly noticeable because it was a very small change from Owning a Café to Owning An I-Café. As it stands now, I am still on watch about the effect of the recent change I made because I am not yet sure of retaining PR4 until the Big G’s next cycle of page ranking.

Just like any blogger, I want this site to be popular and I had been consistently working to attain it; hence, I resorted to the changes described above. I also understand the need for a symbol or banner that will make this site easily recognizable in the blogosphere. In the beginning, I made by myself a 125px x 125px image that I used as ad banner in advertising this blog in Adgitize and Entrecard in its first two (2) years of existence. I still have that image shown beside this blog’s new title in the header of this site.

Since the time I changed to EdZee’s Net Logs, I keep trying but was  unsuccessful in my efforts to design a new banner so in the meantime I used my personal photo in advertising this blog in the two networks I mentioned above. I finally gave up the desire to make the new banner by myself so I contacted Grace of Digital Retouching to design one for me. It only took a day and a half for her to come out with the image that I have on this article in exchange for a very affordable amount that she charged this poor blogger.

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