Stop Using Internet Explorer 6

What browser are you using to surf the Internet? Do you feel safe using it? Don’t you get viruses and malwares while you visit sites unknown to you? These are very important questions to answer especially if you are using the web to do some critical jobs requiring data security like credit card purchases and online banking. Other online activities may not require much security but in these days of multi-tasking, almost all of us need not only secure but also fast browsing of the Internet.

Ten years ago, our choice of web browsers are limited and Internet Explorer, then on its version 6 reigned supreme. The Internet has changed significantly over the years and the browser has to adapt to new web technologies.  The latest versions of Internet browsers must help protect you from new attacks and threats.

Considering the above and citing security vulnerabilities and incompatibility with modern web standards, Microsoft has set up a website discouraging computer users from using its 10-year-old browser, the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). Called IE6 Countdown, the website is dedicated to watching IE6 usage drop to less than one percent worldwide.

The IE6 Countdown website features statistics showing the extent of IE6 usage in various countries including the Philippines. As of February 28 of this year, figures cited by Microsoft in its website showed a 2.2 percent usage of IE6 in the Philippines. This is equivalent to over 650,000 Internet users in the country out of an online population of 29.7 million, according to Internet World Stats.

All users of IE6 are at risk of being hacked. According to Internet security firm, as of March 4, 2011, there are a total of 277 vulnerabilities detected in IE6, of which 39 percent are rated “highly critical”. Of all detected vulnerabilities, 24 percent are either unpatched or only partially fixed. Web developers and site owners were urged to place a banner code on their sites so IE6 users can be informed that they are using an outdated browser.

Are you using Internet Explorer for browsing the Internet? Check what version you are using by clicking “Help” then “About Internet Explorer”.  In the small window that will open, see what Version of Internet Explorer you are using and if says, Version: other numbers stop using it. If you still prefer Internet Explorer as your browser, you must download its latest non-beta version which is currently IE8. Other choices include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Browser.

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