Lower Rates For Mobile Internet Access

This is not a paid blog post. I have to write about this topic on my blog as part of my continuing observation on how smart phones and tablets could change the way people will access and use the Internet. In the past, I wrote a few articles about the devices and I had made it some sort of a mission to follow the trends on this technology that is changing the preferences of mobile phone users not only here in our country but throughout the world.

We are all aware of the stiff competition among the  country’s telecommunication companies and the mobile Internet service will not be an exemption. The price war for the service has begun so instead of the regular cost of Ten (PhP10.00) per half-hour, smart phone and tablet users can now access the Internet at much lower rates.  Globe Telecom Inc., the country’s second largest cellular phone company, recently launched a promotional offer to its cellular phone subscribers who want to avail of its mobile Internet service at rates much lower than the regular.

Called Globe Powersurf, the innovative product is intended for Globe Prepaid subscribers who want to be in control of their surfing hours based on their specific browsing needs and activities. It is ideal for those always on the go and surf whenever they want or need to. On promo until 30 June 2011, Globe Powersurf is available under the following variants:

  • Powersurf 15 – subscriber can surf the Internet for one (1)  hour in a day for PhP15.00 only
  • Powersurf 30 – subscriber can surf the Internet for three (3) hours in a day for only PhP30.00 and
  • Powersurf 50 – subscriber can surf the Internet for five (5) hours within 3 days for only PhP50.00

In the press release, Globe says that through its Powersurf promo, subscribers can update their Facebook status, send a quick e-mail or two and tweet throughout the day without having to worry about bill shock, overcharging or wasted internet load. The offer allows prepaid subscribers to enjoy surfing the web using mobile phones wherever the provider have 3G Internet signals.

Yes, I heard many i-café owners say that smart phones and tablets would not dent their markets. I agree if we talk about gamers and researchers but I beg to say that it cannot be said if we refer to e-mailers and social networkers. The lower rates for mobile Internet access could definitely take some customers away from i-cafés.

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