Celebrating Our 35th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our thirty-fifth (35th) wedding anniversary. We tied the knot in January 18, 1976 at San Roque Catholic Church in Blumentritt, Sta. Cruz, Manila. Our union was blessed with four (4) children, three (3) boys and one (1) girl, who are now all professionals in their chosen fields. Two of the boys, the oldest and the youngest are both IT Specialists-Programmers. Our second child, a boy, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) while our only girl is a licensed Architect. Our oldest son is married to a licensed Civil Engineer (soon to be a Ph.D.).

I want to be honest and say that our marriage was not made in heaven. Our relationship was not always smooth, there were ups and downs but we would always strive for the best result in any challenge that came our way. In our efforts to put our Creator in our midst, my wife and I joined the Marriage Encounter (ME) movement and became encountered couple some fifteen (15) years ago. While we are now inactive in the movement, we continue to enjoy doing the teachings we had as ME couple.

While semi-retired now, we enjoy our living with our three (3) unmarried children. My wife continues to prepare foods for us and tirelessly performs other household chores. For my part, aside from the advocacy work that I do for the i-café industry, I still guide our professional children on their careers and other undertakings. I used to regularly drive our only grandchild to her nursery school but it has stopped since she left for abroad to join her parents at the end of last year.

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