Done It! Changed This Blog’s Title

I did it! I finally decided to change this blog’s title after serious analysis of the various advices I received. From “Owning An I-Café“, it is now “EdZee’s Net Logs” and from mostly business blogs about i-cafés, I will now include my personal experiences, hindsight and insights on the many things happening around us.

Most of the advices I received are against changing my blog’s title. They said it could cause this blog’s PageRank to be back to zero (this blog has PR4 at present) and its SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Rank to suffer. I definitely would not like these to happen but as what a fellow blogger commented at Adgitize forum, I may really need to change this blog’s title if I want to go on updating it.

Some of you, my readers from the blogger’s world, may also be in a situation where you may need to change your blog’s title. I shall let you know how things will come out as they happen .  If I do  not write about anything untoward after this blog post, then everything is going okay. Wish me luck on the decision I made and I hope that you continue visiting this blog. Thank you!

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