Parental Supervision Of Kids Who Overstay In I-Cafés

In an interview by TV5‘s Balitaang Tapat, I was asked what pointers can I give to parents whose kids overstay in i-cafés. We all know that when kids overstay in i-cafés especially when they do so while playing online and/or network games, the tendency for them to get addicted is high which could lead to the problem of truancy later on. This is precisely the reason why local government units legislate ordinances that regulates the entry of minors to i-cafés. While ordinances may help control game addiction and truancy, parents of kids who overstay in i-café also have the responsibilities to supervise and control their children’s use of i-café facilities.

Below are some pointers for parents to minimize if not avoid their kids’ overstay in i-cafés:

  1. Know the i-café frequented by your kids – Ask about it from your child and visit the place. Have first-hand information on what kind of an i-cafe your child visits. Is it purely a gaming shop? A shop without games? Who are with your child inside the i-café?
  2. Take note of the frequency and length of stay of their stay in i-cafes – Doing research for their homework is the frequent reason or alibi that they give. Check out with their teachers how often they give homework. 2 – 3 times a week and 2 hours per visit should be alright but definitely not everyday.
  3. Teach your kids what to share with their friends in a social network – Tell them not to post information that could do harm to family and real friends. Or maybe simply prohibit them posting anything about the family affairs.
  4. Know who their companions are in going to i-cafes – Ask them and if possible see for yourself who are with him inside the shop he frequents.
  5. Give them just enough money to pay for what they should do in i-cafes – Ask them how many hours will it take them to do their homework. How many pages to print? Calculate how much and give them only how much is needed.

The above suggestions can help parents in supervising their kids stay in i-cafés. If followed, conflicts between i-café owners and parents of kids patronizing their shops would be avoided. Let us all understand that protecting the children on their use of technology is the responsibility of all.

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