Using SN Sites To Send Christmas Greetings

To avoid network congestion, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has urged mobile phone users to send out their greetings earlier this coming Christmas and New Year celebrations. The NTC said it issued the reminder as a way to de-clog mobile and text traffic which normally increases four-fold during these periods. The NTC also encouraged the public to seek other means of sending greetings by using the Internet’s social networking (SN) sites like Facebook, Friendster or Twitter.

It is during Christmas season that we want to be with our family but if it is not possible we least want to greet them during the occasion. Gone are the days when we would send Christmas cards to our relatives and friends. In this information age, when one is away from his loved ones, he either calls them or send them text messages via short messaging system (SMS) but when too many people are doing it at the same time, network congestion results.

Network congestion is a common occurrence among the three (3) cellular phone companies providing SMS in our country so the public is advised by NTC to use the social networking sites  available in the Internet. Those among us who already have accounts with Facebook, Friendster, Twitter and other SN sites can use them to greet our friends and relatives who also have accounts in them especially those who use smartphones in accessing the Internet. It is very much like, or should I say, better than texting.

Will the use of SN sites by Internet users increase the patronage of i-cafés? Aside from gaming, which is the major revenue-generating service of i-cafés during the Christmas vacation period, the social networkers among the i-café goers are the other customer groups that should augment the income of the industry.

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