An Interview About I-Café Pilipinas

Early this month, I got interviewed by TV5 about parental supervision of children frequenting i-cafés and do’s and dont’s on using i-cafés for social networking activities. The interview got aired on TV5’s noontime Balitaang Tapat but I failed to watch it because I have no prior information on its airing date.

Anyway, part of the interview I had was about what is I-Café Pilipinas which was the subject of a recent blog by Ana Puod of TV5. The video clip (not shown in the news program) of the portion of my interview about I-Café Pilipinas was included in the article at Pinoy Digital Journo and you can watch it by clicking the image on this blog post.

Aside from my name, position and what I-Café Pilipinas is all about, I was also asked with the following questions during the interview:

A) What are the challenges that internet café industry is facing now?

B) How important is your industry to Filipinos? and

C) How can other sectors help the internet café industry?

It was an impromptu interview and, honestly, I do not know how well I did in it. May I then request the i-café owners among you to give your opinions on the subjects of the interview by way of comments to this post?

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