Why Windows 7 Professional For New Gaming I-Cafés

The majority, if not all, of Internet cafés that offer gaming service to their customers at present use Windows XP as their operating system. Understandably so, because all popular network and online games run only on Microsoft operating systems and that most hardware components of computer units in existing gaming i-cafés have drivers built-in on Windows XP. Aside from these, there are other reasons why an owner of a new gaming i-café have no choice but to buy licensed Windows 7 Professional if he is to operate his shop legally. This and some other issues are what I have on this article about why Windows 7 Professional is the operating system of choice for new gaming i-cafés.

The Microsoft i-Cafe Program offering existing i-cafés with option to legalize the pirated operating software they are using at affordable price has the Windows 7 Professional OEM Edition as the only choice. The program, in its FAQ No. 3 says that:

Microsoft XP Pro, Microsoft Vista Professional or Microsoft Windows 7 Pro is the only version of software that can be used to rent-out in conjunction with Rental Rights Agreement. Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista Pro are available as a down gradable option, when you purchase Microsoft Windows 7.

The above is the first obliging reason why new gaming i-cafés must use Windows 7 Pro. You may take note that Win XP Pro is also allowed to be used in an i-café but the operating system will be available for sales until October of this year only. It will, however, be still available until 2020 as a downgrade of Windows 7 Pro. You need to buy Windows 7 Pro licenses which will give you the right to downgrade your operating system to Windows XP Pro.

The other reason why new gaming i-cafés must buy Windows 7 Pro is the availability of drivers for new hardware components of the computers in an i-café. Chances are manufacturers of new PC parts like video cards and peripherals like printers and scanners would soon come out with models compatible with Windows 7 only. By then, it would be useless to stick to Windows XP but because you bought Windows 7 Pro licenses, you can easily upgrade your operating system at no additional costs.

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