The I-Café As A PC Reseller

An owner of a thriving i-café business usually sells his old computer units to replace them with new and updated models but this is not the one I am referring to by the title of this blog. The i-café as a PC reseller means the owner will sell brand-new personal computers as an add-on to his business. Some i-café owners may already be doing it and so while the intention of this article is to present the business model to those not yet engaged in it, the content of this blog may be interesting to all i-café owners who would want additional income by way of selling brand-new computers mostly to their customers.

And why would you as an i-café owner be in a position to sell computers to your customers? Why would you do that if there’s a chance that you will lose revenue from a regular customer? I say it this way. A customer regularly come and rent a computer in your i-café because he is satisfied with its performance. If you are the technician in your own i-café, your regular customers are definitely looking up on your expertise in maintaining your computer units. When the time comes that they need to buy a unit of their own, they would most probably ask you for advice on what kind of computer they should buy.

The above scenario puts the i-café owner in the best position to sell a computer to customers who trust him on his knowledge about the kind and the model of the PC that they need. As an i-café owner and computer technician, you must be always updated with the prevailing market price which your prospective buyer may also be aware because of advertisements here and there.

When faced with the opportunity, your concern will be where to get the units that you can sell at prevailing prices and still make a decent margin on the transaction. This is where joining the Pilipinas I-Café Marketing Cooperative (PICMC) comes in. The PICMC, which will soon be launched, will be the vehicle that an i-café owner who wants to be a PC reseller can join. More details about this business model in my future posts.

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