Facebook Game Credits For Sale At Retail Outlets

While many online gaming companies in the country seem to be wavering in their sales campaigns, Facebook is getting aggressive and partnering with a Malaysian company to sell credits at retail outlets across Asia for the first time. The deal aims to make it easier for millions of people to purchase virtual goods and play games on the social networking site while boosting revenue for the game developers. The move is targeting people who do not have credit cards, particularly younger Facebook users, and those who do not want to take the risk of making payments online.

Money Online (MOL), the Malaysian electronic payments company that will handle the sales of Facebook game credits, said it will offer the online currency starting August 1st at more than 500,000 outlets including 7-Eleven stores and Internet cafes in five Southeast Asian countries, India, Australia and New Zealand. It will be the first time that consumers can buy credits for Facebook’s applications, including such popular games as Mob Wars and FarmVille, without credit cards. In Southeast Asia, the credits will be sold in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

So what does the deal mean for the i-café business in the Philippines? Would the availability of Facebook credits at retail outlets including Load Central make i-café goers buy them and boost the waning revenues in many areas? Let us hope that the current patronage of Facebook games by i-café customers would translate to purchases of credits that could augment the income of the business.

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