What Filipinos Do When They Go Online

The 2010 Yahoo-Nielsen Net Index which showed sixty-nine (69%) of Filipinos who go online do so in i-cafés also contained the survey results on what they do when they access the Internet. It is very important for i-café owners to know the information so they would know the business models or services that they should offer to their customers. What the customers do when they enter an i-café has a big influence on the kind of equipment that its owner must invest on. The survey results also reveal the evolving trends on the core activities of Filipinos when they go online.

Here are the core online activities of Filipino netizens showing the 2009 survey results and the 2010 figures which has some activities showing significant increase at 95% confidence level:

The above survey results clearly showed the declining preference for gaming by online goers as the patronage figures decreased from 53% in 2009 to the current 45%. The “search” activity showed a significant increase to 76% this year from last year’s 58% only. The other non-gaming activities like going direct to an Internet portal, instant messaging, visiting public chat rooms, emailing and visiting social networking sites had maintained their above 50% patronage by Filipino Internet goers covered by the survey.

What do the above figures mean to you as an i-café owner? Are still hoping that gaming service would regain its premier standing before or would you rather slowly shift your services to the evolving preferences? The choice is yours and I hope you would take the right one for your business.

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