Places Of Internet Access By Filipinos

The Yahoo-Nielsen Net Index 2010 was out a few days back and it showed that sixty-nine (69%) percent of Internet access by Filipinos are being done in Internet cafés. The figure went down slightly from seventy-one (71%) percent in 2009  but still make the i-cafés as the dominant place of Internet access by Filipinos. Internet access from homes went up from 27% in 2009 to 31% this year. The statistics also show 5% and 4% Internet access by Filipinos from workplace and schools respectively. Six (6%) percent are accessing the net from friends’ house while the most significant figure in the survey is that, at present, five (5%) of Filipino netizens are accessing the web from their cellphones and palmtop computers (PDAs).

What do the above figures mean? Does our 69% online access through i-cafés mean good business for its owners? With only 31% among Filipinos now doing Internet access from their homes, can it be concluded that owning a computer and paying for the connection is still not so economically feasible for many of us? Does having most of the access done at i-cafés mean that the rates at i-cafés are affordable to the Internet users? Whether the affordable rates translate to profits for i-café owners, only they would know.

The next important factor for i-café owners in the Yahoo-Nielsen Net Index is what do Filipinos do when they access the Internet. This is important because, as businessmen, i-café owners must know their customers’ demand. I-café owners must know and attune their services to what their customers need when they come and use their facilities. This will be the subject of my next blog. Watch for it.

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