Backing-Up Your Browser Bookmarks

How many times have you experienced to reformat your hard disk drive and/or reinstall the operating system which in so doing would make you lose all the bookmarks that you have on the browser that you are using? Even a mere reinstall of your favorite browser will result to such a loss which could take you a long time to restore. I remember one time when I was forced to reinstall my Mozilla Firefox and I asked a technician-friend how to back-up the bookmarks that I have in it. I got a reply that I should back-up the cookies and so on but he could not give me the procedure on how to do it so I had to restore my bookmarks manually by opening my favorite sites one-by-one as I recall them  from my memory. That happened some months ago so I totally forgot the need to know how to back-up my browser bookmarks. Personally, I have not actually done backing-up procedure and restoration of bookmarks to a newly-installed browser.

Knowing the importance of a back-up and having experienced the difficulty of restoring my browser bookmarks manually, I took time to google it and look for one method that will best fit my need. There are so many methods you can find when you do a search on the subject starting from using the built-in export-import features of the different browsers to many free software that automate the procedure but there is one free back-up process that caught my attention.  This is the XMarks Free Bookmark Sync that not only make a back-up of your bookmarks, it stores them online so you can use it in any anywhere and on any computer. If you are using more than one browser in your computer, XMarks also automatically synchronizes your bookmarks in them.

Using XMarks Free Bookmark Sync is as easy as any online activity that you are doing. You must first register for an account to be able to use the free service. Upon registration of an account, you will be guided on how to back-up your browser bookmarks and other tasks like installing them on a new browser and synchronizing the bookmarks of the browsers that you use (XMarks works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers only). By the way, XMarks comes with many other features and backing-up your usernames and passwords in the sites where you are registered as a member is one of them. I did not opt for this feature because I prefer to just have them on my desktop computer only for security reason.

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