Blogging And Leading An NGO

OAC-ICPAgain, I have to say sorry for not being able to update this blog earlier.  Our wired internet connection was so erratic lately that we needed to buy a USB wireless modem as back-up for our web activities. It is an added expense but many of us in areas flooded by Typhoon Ondoy have no choice but to get such device if we want to get connections when needed. Many i-cafés in my area have to resume their business using such expensive connection. It is expensive because we have go prepaid or else, if we go postpaid, we will have to pay double monthly subscriptions when our regular wired connection get restored.

Going to the subject of this article, I wish to clarify some issues regarding my being a blogger and a leader of  I-Café Pilipinas, a non-government organization (NGO) where both jobs concern the internet café industry in the Philippines. I have to make this clarification because of some heated discussions ensued at ULOP Forum regarding the advocacy of I-Café Pilipinas after some members quoted an old Increasing The Entry Barrier To Café Industry article on this blog as the policy statement of the organization. Such undue conclusions were made because I now seat as the Lead Convenor (equivalent to Chairman) of I-Café Pilipinas.

I wish to categorically state that such is not the case. If you will look closely, I wrote the said article in January 12, 2009 when I-Café Pilipinas was not yet existing.  I-Café Pilipinas was legally organized and incorporated as a non-profit, non-stock organization in August 27, 2009. The organization is governed by its Council of Convenors (COC) and all of its policies and procedures are decided by their majority vote. As a member of COC, I am entitled to only one (1) vote.

Now, after weighing matters on hand, I say I will continue to blog on issues about the internet cafe business in the country. I will still report on the developments in the industry and write my personal opinion as issues come by. If ever, I will only consult with the I-Café Pilipinas convenors if I will tackle issues which the COC had already decided on. I have to do this to avoid conflict in my being a blogger and an NGO leader. I hope I made the issue clear to everyone.

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