Wishing For Chrome OS To Be …

chromeAfter the official announcement by Google that it will come out with its own computer operating system which would be open source, quick, light-weight and tailored for a “cloud computing” trend of offering applications online as services, isn’t it time that we come out with a wish list of what Chrome OS would be? A lot of articles have come out that those who have read them are confused of what Chrome OS will really be. Some writers are excited about it while there are also those who say it cannot approximate the capability of Microsoft products. Depending on where you are coming, you should have your own opinion.

As an ordinary mortal who sees some hope of getting a free software that will approximate the expensive Microsoft operating and application software, I would like to present some guesses on how Chrome OS would work and a wish list  on what I want it to do. Knowing that Google is also a giant like Microsoft and that its objective in coming out with its own OS is to challenge the pioneer’s hold of the market, my wish for such product is limitless for after all everybody is free to wish for anything he dreams. Realizing one’s wishes is of course another story.

Basing on what I have read so far about Chrome OS, I guess it will work this way. An installer either in CD/DVD format or by download from a website will be made available to users who would want to install it on a personal computer. The operating system will be using a GNU/Linux platform that will take care of the hardware drivers. After installing the OS, the computer either laptop or desktop will boot directly to Chrome browser which will show a homepage that will contain icons of the various applications that a the computer user need.

We are already a bit familiar with having to do our computing in the web as introduced by G.ho.st where the application software like word processing is also available free to its users as well as the storage space for their files. We could easily guess that Chrome OS will be bundled with similar applications as we all know that Google Docs has also been available for sometime now.

Now for the most important source of income for internet café owners of today, can they expect that the currently popular online games can also be played on Chrome OS? We could definitely wish for this and knowing Google’s size and influence, what would prevent them from convincing the developers from porting their games to Chrome? This is not a far-fetched dream but we have to wait for a year from now to see if our dreams would come true. In the meantime, those using pirated Microsoft software will have to continue playing hide-and-seek with PAPT and OMB.

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