Converting PDF To MS Word

pdftowordAs an Internet café owner or an office worker, have you been confronted with a query or a need to convert a PDF (Portable Document Format) into an editable Microsoft Word document? Situation like this could occur when a customer would download a large PDF file and want to edit it instead of printing and typing the content he wants for his school or office report. I know that the current Adobe software can copy and paste PDF contents to a word processor but this feature is legally available only on its paid version. You may note that what I blog about on this subject are those software that are free to use and immediately available online.

In my research on the subject, the first free software (more of an online free service) that I look into is the PDF To Word where you will have to upload the PDF document to their site and wait for the converted Word document on your email. The conversion can be done on three (3) simple steps as shown below:


The second method of converting PDF to MS Word document that I got in my research is PDF to Word Converter 1.0 Beta which is free as of this writing but has some limitation that I disclosed below. After downloading and installing the application, you will have to get a free registration code or else the program will only convert 3 pages. You will need to enter your email address when getting the free registration code and you will use it again together with the free code that will be emailed to you when registering the software.

Your PDF to Word Converter will look like this image and the procedure pdf_to_word2in converting the PDF to editable MS Word document will be also as easy as 1-2-3. I do not know whether it is a bug but the free PDF to Word Converter that I tested did not convert the last page of the PDF documents that I tested it on. It could be that it is the developer’s way to force a user to pay for a completely working version. I say, print the last page of the PDF document and type it the way you want. Why pay for a full version to convert only the last page?

While this is not my first blog on the technical category, you will notice that I seldom dwell on topics like this. The reason is there are already quite a lot of sites dealing on technical matters. However, I notice there are still many questions being posted in forums on subjects similar to what I posted on this blog and in my effort to help in the little way I can. I will be doing this kind of blog every now and then. I hope it could help you somehow.

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