Must-Have For Your I-Café

10_rulesLest you misconstrue that my blogs have not discussed much about how is it to own a i-café, let me now tackle the question of what must an internet café have in order to survive if not excel in the business. My favorite forum among i-café owners has a 3 years and 8 months old thread on this topic in which suggestions are still getting posted every now and then. This blog post will not attempt to summarize the suggested must-haves for a i-cafe business to succeed. I will only discuss one must-have that I believe is the most important and this is be sure you like your business.

Liking your i-café business is not simply having the skills and the talent that are required to operate the business. It’s not only knowing how to install software, prevent viruses and reformatting the hard disk and reinstalling the software when needed. Owning a business is not just having bright ideas and knowing how to implement them. It’s not like getting engaged to someone and enjoying the relationship like it lasts. It is more like getting married to someone you love and building a family so you should really like doing it.

Many of you who are now on this business of providing internet access to the public either for gaming, information or educational purposes must have done some studies before entering the industry. Some of you may have learned the business because you are once a regular customer of an internet café or in the worst case may have seen a well-patronized café and  after concluding that it is a lucrative business, you  decided to join the bandwagon.

Whatever it is that convinced you to engage on i-café business and/or simply because you are in it now, there could be no other recourse for you but to like it and go on with the business. Even just after launching and knowing it would not be an easy money-making venture, you cannot just back-out and sell your café business. Doing so will be financial disastrous for you because computer equipment are like cars that immediately depreciate after you buy them.

There is no better way to like your business than knowing every aspect of it. You have to learn to like what you are doing in order to make the most out of your business. Know your market and what your customers’ problems are. Know what products and services you will offer to solve your customers’ problems. Know every aspect of your café business and best of all, like what you are doing.

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