The “Kick-Off” Continues

kick-off3I will be honest and say that it has always been my dream to have a voice that will speak for the stakeholders  of the Internet café industry in the country and so the Kick-Off was very important to me. I really rejoice when the event was held and the participants almost unanimously agreed to form a national group that will embody what I had been dreaming so much to have. Be that as it may and considering that I am an “xicowner” now, I continue to wish that the Kick-Off goes farther and I know that most of you are with me in dreaming for realization of its objective.

Rightly so, a group of concerned souls met lately to draft the ideals for such a body. It will have to be a network or a movement of concerned internet café owners who pledge to be a voice for the majority to transparently express and work not only for the make-over of the public image of cafés but for the true initiative of the industry to serve as the bridge for enriching the digital lives of everybody. The body will network with the concerned national agencies to make sure that the benefits of the projects on the ground will cascade down to its constituencies.

For its structure, flexibility will be the rule. It will reach out to individual industry players when organized group is not present in the locality. The principle and practice of equality for all its constituencies will be observed but the rule of the majority will always prevail. There will be no first among equals and everyone will be treated with utmost impartiality. Professionalism and integrity will always be guide in coming out with positions on issues confronting the body.

The people in the discussion were unanimous on their role in bringing the network to existence. It will do the job of the facilitator and mediator. It will  do the secretarial trainings, job and take down notes of what should be done. It will be behind the technical working group who will be in charge at this stage of the game. It may come in and get the sides of parties that have controverting views for the purpose of compromise on issues at hand.

With these developments, isn’t it just proper for us to dream for something that can come true if we will just work for it? The Kick-Off was done and the ball is now rolling. Some more kicks are needed for it to reach the goal and have the score for our team. Let’s go on and kick the ball some more.

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