An Enjoyable Blog Walking Day

the_painterYou might have known by now that as an ex-icafe owner and a trying hard blogger, I spend most of my waking time in front of an outdated PC surfing the net and composing my blogs. Part of my surfing activity is to visit the blogs of others (I prefer to browse blogs by Filipinos) and we call this blog walking (sometimes called blog jogging depending on the time one spent in visiting a site). It is during this activity that I come to see how good the other bloggers are and yesterday I came across a very special blogsite which really made my day.

The weblog entitled Tracker Na Walang Magawa and bylined lancerie is more of photoblogs interspersed with text blogs. The site’s title reveals it is owned by a Filipino but there is no About page on the site so I cannot fully acknowledge the author’s identity.  I know that posting some photos from his site is short of plagiarism but I did ask the author’s permission in my comment in his post. I will immediately pull down the images on this blog post should he turn down my request.

Lancerie’s blog that I admired most, Not the usual paint job!, is about a great painter named Eric (see photo) and his extra-ordinary painting jobs (see the “Before” and “After” photos which are self-explanatory). See the other wonderful blogs of lancerie at .

Before Painting

A Typical Concrete & Stucco Facade Before Painting

After The Painting Job

The Facade After The Painting Job


Wall In A Fermenting Plant Before Painting


The Wall After The Painting Job

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