I-Café CLC Business Model

cclcAs promised, here is the business model that I propose for a café that will undergo the accreditation with Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) as a computer learning center (CLC).  You may note that I have described the accreditation process in my previous blog here. I chose this one over the five (5) other models that were mentioned in the business opportunity meeting I attended recently. I want to describe it so that you will better appreciate how the model will work and the possible business complementation among the i-café owners in the locality where the learning center will be established.

Among the current technical-vocational (TechVoc) courses approved by TESDA, the PC Operation with Office Management (PCO course) and the Call Center Agent Finishing Course are the most advisable for a I-Café CLC to offer. The computer hardware required by such TechVoc courses are already available in an existing café. The TESDA certified trainors for such courses will be the important factor in deciding to enter the business.

The space of an existing i-café can easily qualify as the laboratory of a CLC. As such, only the lecture room, holding area and an administration office will be required facilities to be added before an i-café gets accredited as a CLC. You could see here that additional investment may be required if the spaces for the additional facilities are not available yet in an i-café’s present location.

Where will the complementation with other cafés fit in the business model I am describing? As long as a café with the additional facilities described above qualifies as a CLC, some cafés in the locality can join the business this way.

Look at the accredited i-café CLC as the main campus of a learning institution and the joining i-cafés as its other campuses. As such, only a computer laboratory (already existing as i-café), a  lecture room and a holding area will be required as the offsite campus of the CLC. All administrative procedures will be done on the main campus (TESDA accredited CLC).

I hope that I was able to explain how the business model of a I-Café CLC will work legally. For any variable not covered by my blogs on the subject, you can use the comment box below to ask your questions.

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